Selling a property over the holidays

Home sellers and Realtors should all be familiar with the term “declutter”, it’s one of the first steps towards getting a property ready for listing.  During the holidays however, it is very easy to let holiday decor undo all the work you’ve done; all that sparkle and glitter, the cute Santa with his reindeer, the family treasures that get brought out once a year and all the other things that are part of your seasonal celebrations.

Having your home on the market over the holidays can be a  challenge; you need to know who your potential buyer is and decorate with them in mind. What might be acceptable decor for a young family may not work for a single professional, a retired couple or a young couple.  Your decor must not be offensive to potential buyers who may not share your personal beliefs. our  seasonal decor must compliment not overwhelm the features of your property, don’t make your home look smaller by putting up a huge tree or block a great view with wreaths in every window. It is harder to have your home in “show-ready” condition and you never want to turn down a showing no matter how little time you’re given.


So, what are the solutions? These are some suggestions that will work for most properties however contact your Stager or Realtor for specific suggestions for your property.

  • Create curb appeal with large pots filled with white birch twigs, evergreen boughs and some red berries or small red lanterns with mini lights. Use a beautiful wreath on the front door.
  • Keep a duffel bag ready to toss items in for quick showings. Put in the car when you leave.
  • If your potential buyers are a young family, you can keep your decor much more fun, dress up a stuffed bear, build a snowman in the front yard, use candies in hurricanes, etc.
  • If your buyer is a single professional you may want to use regal colours, silver, gold, royal blue, ruby or garnet red. Simple silver and gold balls in a hurricane look great.
  • Add pops of colour to rooms without being strictly “Christmas” for example, rather than a Christmas scene throw on the sofa, add a simple red throw with interesting texture.

Remember,how you live in your home is much different from how you live in your home while it is on the market. While living in a staged home is not easy, it’s only for a short time and the benefits of selling quickly and for the most money greatly out-weigh the inconvenience.

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