TOP 5 LIGHTING TIPS for staging your home to sell

February 17/13

It’s sunny here in the Ottawa area, a perfect day to be celebrating “Family Day”. As a result of this wonderful sunshine, I’ve decided to share some tips for adding light to your home when selling.


Top 5 Lighting Tips

  1. If you are showing your home during the day, be sure to open all curtains to let the maximum amount of natural light enter the home. Remember to turn on all interior lights when showing your home in both daytime and evenings. Realtors will turn on any lights operated by a wall switch but will not turn on table lamps so, turn them on before you leave for a showing.
  2. Wash the inside and outside of windows – nothing diminishes the quality of light more than dirty windows.
  3. Be sure all fixtures have the maximum wattage allowed AND that the fixtures are clean. This is particularly important for fixtures with glass panes or panels.
  4. Try to avoid dark areas in the house. If you have, them try adding a small table lamp and if that isn’t an option, consider adding a ceiling fixture. Often, if there is already a fixture you can change it out to one “track” light option. These have become very inexpensive and new designs will blend with most home styles can be found at any good hardware store.
  5. Keep all flat surfaces (table tops, counters and the like) clear of excess decorative items and polish surfaces to reflect light.


In my next post I’ll be covering some tips to stage individual rooms in the house. Enjoy.

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