Vacant Listings Take Longer To Sell

Why Vacant Listings Take Up To 50% Longer To Sell.

  1. Vacant rooms aren’t really very appealing to prospective buyers. Listing photos that show only empty space just don’t spark the imagination of prospective buyers the same way that well-staged rooms do and without that spark of interest, potential buyers may not be inclined to have a closer look.
  2.  Vacant rooms don’t give potential buyers any reference points they can use to help them judge the size of a space, leaving them to wonder if the living room is large enough to fit their sofa or the second bedroom is too small for a double bed. Staging rooms increases buyer interest.
  3. Vacant rooms fail to tell potential buyers what purpose they have. Is this space with two windows the dining room or a bedroom? It’s always best to make it easy for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in a space and having a dining room with a table, chairs and some art on the walls makes it much easier for them to do so.
  4. When a potential buyer tours a vacant home the only thing they can really focus on is the flaws! Every little mark on walls and floors stands out and out-dated fixtures become focal points.  It is very hard for buyers to make a positive emotional connection to a space that just feels empty and cold.

You may have to borrow furniture or even rent a few pieces but the cost of carrying a property for months on end is far more expensive than the cost of staging. Most stagers can give you a very detailed “do-it-yourself” staging plan that will help you get your property ready for listing so that it can sell quickly and for the most money possible.

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