Winning Combinations

Realtors and Stagers are a winning combination!

There are huge benefits when Realtors add a professional stager to their team;

  1. Why not ensure that your listings are the best looking ones? When your listings look great, sell fast and for the most money, other agents and future clients will take notice.  Admit it; wouldn’t it be nice to be known as the Realtor whose listings ALWAYS look so great?
  2. Realtors who don’t offer staging as a part of their marketing plan will not stand out as a Realtor who uses every available marketing technique to sell their listing. Future clients may make their listing decision based upon value added services. Staging a property prior to selling used to be optional but times have changed and in today’s market it has become a necessity.
  3. You will spend less time, effort and money per listing and will increase your earnings by turning properties faster and without price reductions. It’s your name on the sign in the yard; wouldn’t you rather have it say “SOLD”?
  4. When you offer to provide a professional staging consultation you are demonstrating that you are willing to go “the extra mile” to successfully market a listing. Increased client satisfaction leads to a greater number of future clients.
  5. Using a professional stager allows you to focus on your business; the listing and negotiating the sale of the property. You may offer de-cluttering and décor suggestions but do you really go into the same detail as a professional stager would? Just as importantly, is that how you should be spending your time when you make your real money getting and turning listings? Your stager will prepare your listing for marketing photos and showings.
  6. A professional stager can have those difficult conversations with clients. You won’t have to risk the positive relationship with clients when it comes to issues like odor, dirt, outdated décor or unfinished projects. You know what a challenge it can be to have a “weak” listing, clients constantly on the phone asking for more open-houses or wanting to ask questions on why their property hasn’t sold yet – you know that no number of open-houses, flyers or adds are going to help the house just doesn’t show well. Let an independent third party have those needed conversations.
  7. A client may not be too happy about the suggestion of a price reduction. A professional stager is able to explain the benefits of staging their property instead of offering a price reduction – staging is always less expensive than the first price reduction.

Remember, just because you are recommending a staging consultation does not mean you have to pay for it. Free consultations often mean less to a homeowner than one that they have had to pay for; they see it as having no value and may just listen and not follow through with suggestions. Most professional stagers can offer you valuable discounts that you can pass on to your clients allowing you to give your clients a value-added service without costing you money.

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