Four Reasons to hire a home stager.

1. Home staging has absolutely nothing to do with decorating or the seller’s personal taste. Home staging is about preparing a property for sale in a manner that will appeal to the ideal buyer. Your stager and Realtor determine who the most likely buyer for your property is and then your stager creates a look that strongly appeals to that buyer’s needs and lifestyle.

2. ANY property can benefit from some degree of home staging. It is important that sellers remember that they are earning themselves money with the time and energy they invest in their home. Preparing a home for sale and keeping it in top shape while on the market may be a bit of an inconvenience but the reward can be huge!

3. Professional home stagers do not make recommendations that do not have a high return on investment. For example, cleaning and decluttering are usually pretty high on seller’s “to-do” list. According to, every $1 spent on cleaning and decluttering can give you a $4.03 return! Now that is wise investing.

4. Home stagers can save you both time and money. Staged home typically sell twice as fast as non-staged homes and that means real savings in typical carrying costs. Your stager works with you and your budget, always keeping the goal of selling quickly and for the most money! 



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