Home Staging Defined

While everyone with a T.V. has heard of home staging, many people seem to be really confused about what home staging is. Home staging is actually a three-step process that prepares a property to be sold quickly and for the most money possible.

In this first of two articles, I’ll cover “STEP ONE” which is  determining what condition the property is in and what work needs to be done to bring it to move-in condition and “STEP TWO” getting the work done.

Professionals know that today’s home buyer is more demanding and better educated than ever before.  They don’t want to re-paint nasty wall colours, replace any light bulbs, or up-date any lighting or hardware. They don’t want to have to do any work on a property, they just want to move in their furniture, make the beds and start their new life.

Your professional stager will go through your property giving you a detailed summary of what work needs to be accomplished before listing your home. This summary might include minor repairs such as filling holes in the wall, replacing broken tile or windows as well as minor up-dates like paint and new fixtures that will appeal to the target buyer for your home. Your stager is familiar with current trends and what today’s buyer is looking for in a property and will help you make sure that your listing appeals to the greatest number of target buyers.

“STEP TWO” is all about getting the work done. Your stager will be able to recommend trades should you need help and will help you make wise decisions on where to invest your time and money so that you will realize the highest return on your investment. Most of us live with far too much “stuff” in our homes so your stager will likely recommend purging and pre packing a lot of belongings to create more space for potential buyers to see and appreciate the space that your property has to offer. Once all the work has been completed the staging project moves forward to “STEP THREE” the showcasing!

STEP THREE will follow….

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