Home Staging Trends

Modern Staging

Home staging has evolved from designing spaces that appeal to the broadest possible buyer base to understanding and using target buyer appeal and focusing on what these buyers want.

Target marketing is about knowing the answers to these questions;
• Who is your buyer?
• Why would they buy this home?
• What is their demographic?
• What is their psychographic?
• What is the demographic and psychographic of the neighborhood?
Lifestyle Staging is telling the story that the target buyer wants to hear.
Once we have defined who the target market is we can zero in on their lifestyle and then translate this knowledge into a successful and meaningful design plan. Every choice we make addresses the dreams, goals and preferred lifestyle of the target buyer rather than simply presenting a neutralized, de-cluttered, clean and sterile-looking design. We understand that home-buyers are buying a lifestyle not just a property.

Outdoor spaces

When buyers purchase a property they are buying space and professional stagers are encouraging sellers to not only prepare their indoor space but their outdoor space as well. While curb appeal has been a key selling feature for many years, not as much importance was placed on creating outdoor spaces that appealed to the lifestyle of the target buyer. We now understand that outdoor living space is an extension of the properties interior and it critical that we create appealing and functional spaces even if it is only a small balcony in a high-rise building.

Even the smallest outdoor spaces need to be staged.

Even the smallest outdoor spaces need to be staged.

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