Staying on budget

Our week at  Hiawatha Cottages  was a lot of fun and a lot of work,  with each cottage having  it’s own set of goals and restrictions it was a challenge for everyone. Access Home Staging  won the Chippewa cottage which  was the owner’s original family cottage which has been used as the wedding/family reunion location  due to it’s large size and beautiful lake views. Our challenges were:

  • do not paint the original pine walls or beams
  • do not do anything to the floors
  • change out the bunk beds to a queen bed
  • create more space for large funcutions
  • make all designs easy to clean as there is only a 3-hour period between guests
  • keep in mind that all designs will need to stand up to 12 weeks of rentals
  • complete the challenge with $300 and a gallon of free paint of your color choice

To this long list we added:

  • all painting must be done properly (clean, sand,prime,paint)
  • all projects must keep client safety a priority
  • all work must be done in a manor that allowed for very easy cleaning and very little, if any, up-keep

What a tall order for three people! OK, one day we actually had 4.

One of our projects added 35 feet of bench seating and a bar to the large deck

design Hiawatha 312

ready for it's first party!

ready for it’s first party!

Cost of this project, $18.00! We scavenged all the wood so our only cost was the stain, which was also used for the bench seating.

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