Making the most of what you have to work with

The Hiawatha Cottages  design challenge really made the Access Home Staging design team think creatively: the budget was tiny, the cottage was pretty big and we hand limited time.

The TV room in our cottage was added to the original cottage at some time in the past and the addition was at a lower level requiring a small set of stairs that really cut into the usable space, there was also strange circle of plywood on the wall.

4004 Hiawatha Lane Battersea-small-020-Living Room-666x444-72dpi

The large chair was out of scale for the space and the circle just looked a little weird. We changed out the over-sized chair to a smaller one and by doing so actually allowed  us to use two chairs in the space which, in turn, added more seating to the space,

The circle couldn’t be removed so rather than try to blend it in we decided to actually create a focal point with it.

design Hiawatha 327  As you can see, we added a piece of art to our circle which had the same tones as the furniture in the space. We found our art in an unused “bunkie” on the property and it fit in our space beautifully.

So, when you are faced with a design challenge; put your creativity cap on and you just may come up with an idea that turns the challenge into something awesome!

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