My Latest Design Addiction

Ever since winning the furniture makeover challenge at the it seems I’ve become addicted to making things over, re-purposing stuff and generally just trying to keep things out of landfill. I thought our projects for the challenge were really good…

old, broken rake

old, broken rake to

funky wine glass holder

funky wine glass holder Our fellow stagers loved our addition to the bar area of our deck.

design Hiawatha 297 and our wedding table and chair took first place!

As a home stager, I often see elements that need updating and the most common is lighting fixtures. Nothing dates a space more than shiny brass fixtures! New fixtures can be expensive so if you’re on a tight budget, up-dating the look of your fixtures might be all you need.

Nothing up-dates a fixture quicker than spray paint, to see a great example head to now this blogger used Rustoleum spray paint and if you head to their website you’ll find lots of ideas and tutorials you can also have a look at

One thing that I found really exciting though was the fact that you can actually paint fabric. Thrifty Chair Makeover Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - #chalkpaintThis chair looks awesome and if you head over to you’ll discover how to do this and look at dozens of other transformations with paint.

I love staging houses so that they can sell faster and sell for the most money possible and I really love the challenge of helping people create amazing transformations using their own furniture and accessories (occupied staging). Researching painted furniture and accessories has given me a ton of new ideas that I can share with clients to help them stay within their budget but still create that “WOW” factor that home buyers are looking for.

If you know of any great DIY sites why not share them with me.

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