My top 4 design trends for home staging

Wow, it’s hard to believe that October is over and November is at the half-way point! Over the coming weeks I’ll be looking for some additions to my staging inventory and thought I’d share with you what my TOP 4 design trends are.

1. While I’ll still be recommending the use of white metals for fixtures and hardware in the home, I’ll be looking for some warm metal pieces to add to my accessory selection. For fixtures and hardware, brass is still to dated looking for today’s buyer but the use of copper, gold and bronze in accessories will defiantly add a contemporary edge. I’ll be looking at decorative copper bowls and vases and will be changing out a few of the frames on my artwork to gold-toned ones.

metal mixing

metal mixing

2. Gray will continue to be an on-trend neutral. I’ll continue using it when I recommend changing out a wall color( there are just so many to choose from!)and I’ll be adding more bedding and towels in both pale and charcoal tones to my inventory. As you can see from the photos below, grey has many personalities; bright and cheerful, bold and contempory and subtle and luxurious.

Girls bedroom     Bright and cheery

grey bedding 3

3. Using colorful accents to keep rooms on trend and create flow in a house. As a stager, I want to create rooms that have interest and appeal as well as have each room visually flow from one to the next. We call this color tracking and accessories are the best way to develop this flow, I’ve already mentioned my planned purchases of a few warm metal pieces but I will also be looking for items I can use to track color from one room to the next. I still love the blue/green color family that has been so popular over the past 12 months. Items such as these fit well with my grey tones as well as the whites and beiges I often use.


4. I’ll also be adding a few more pairs of lamps suitable for both living and bedrooms.I’ll stick to fairly transitional styles such as these.

table lamps1table lamps2

I’ll also be adding at least two simple floor lamps for those smaller condos we have here. Once again, fairly transitional in style.


I’m really looking forward to searching for and then using my new inventory items. My goal is always to use as much of the home seller’s furniture and accessories as possible and only using my inventory when needed but being able to chose the right accessory quickly is just one of the reasons why Access Home Staging is quickly becoming the “go-to” staging company in Ottawa.

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