Lighting for selling and dwelling.

Although I’ve written before about the importance of lighting your property (see February, 2013) with our days getting shorter, I felt the need to write again.
If you have been in a store looking to replace some bulbs lately you’ve probably been faced with a huge array of choices and possibly been a little confused by all the new technology and terminology out there. We were so accustomed to purchasing lighting by wattage that the new CFL, LED and tube lighting terminology may seem frightening at first but, don’t despair, as I’ve found a handy chart to help you figure everything out!

Remember these two terms; wattage measures the amount of energy a lamp uses to provide light; la lumen measures the brightness of the light produced. Here is that handy chart I promised,


equivalency chart

Now that you better understand how lumen compares to wattage, let’s determine how much lighting you actually need in your rooms using these great tips from Ballard Designs

So, now that we’ve got all our lighting needs figured out, let’s revisit our needs when selling our house;

1. Be sure prospective buyers can find your property in the dark by having your house number lit up so it is visible from the street.
2.  Have exterior entrance lights on so prospective buyers can find your front door.
3.Realtors can be counted upon to turn on lights that are operated by a switch on the wall but will not usually enter a room to turn on any additional lighting so be sure to turn on all lights before a showing.

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