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Home staging tips; the master bedroom

Staging the master bedroom

We’ve all been told that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes and while that is still true, master bedrooms need thoughtful staging as well. Today’s buyer is looking for a master retreat and no matter what the price-point of your property, you need to make sure that this space feels calm, relaxing and luxurious.
To begin,
• Remove anything in the space that implies work, which means the exercise equipment needs to move out and the computer work space needs to be dismantled.
• Have a look at the floor; the only thing on it should be the furniture. Is the flooring in good shape or should it be cleaned or repaired?
• Be careful not to make the space feel small by having too much furniture in the room, a bed, two side tables and one dresser should be the most. If your bedroom is large you may be able to add a small reading area; when in doubt, leave it out.
• Have a look at the walls in the room; do you need to fill holes or make any repairs? Do they need a good wash or maybe a fresh coat of paint?
• Clear off dresser tops and side tables. Leave only lamps, an alarm and possibly a book.
• When you open the closet door what do you see? Does it look spacious and organized? Pack off-season clothing, rarely worn clothing, etc. Do the same with shoes, purses, belts and ties.

small master

Now what,
• Pack anything you don’t absolutely need. If possible, store these boxes off-site, maybe a friend or family member will let you store some boxes in their basement or garage. There are also many storage facilities that offer spaces for rent.
• Get rid of all the dry cleaner type hangers. Depending on price-point, replace with simple white plastic or wood. Hang everything facing the same direction and use nice storage containers to store items you can’t live without. Have these containers on the shelf – not the floor.
• Make the bed look as luxurious as possible, you can purchase a “bed-in-a-bag” at almost every bedding or big-box store and these quickly pull a room together. Be sure to use the bed skirt if it is a nice tailored one.
• Iron all bedding so that it looks nice and fresh pay special attention to the bed-skirt.
• Consider removing draperies and be sure to have the windows sparkling clean.
• Keep this room in top shape so that you will always be ready for a showing.

Stager tip

Keep a small duffel bag or backpack handy so that you can quickly pack up anything (jewelery,laptop/tablet, etc.,) before a showing. Take the bag with you when you leave.

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