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Home staging to stay. Redesign

When I do a home staging consultation for someone who is getting ready to sell their house, I note everything that needs some attention. The list may include things like minor home repair, de-cluttering the rooms, up-dating décor, improving flow, highlighting or creating focal points and creating great curb appeal. When staging a house to sell, I am designing for the future owners of the house and all of my recommendations will be based upon creating buyer appeal.
After noting absolutely everything, I then sit down with my client to prioritize the items based upon the return on investment, demographics of the ideal buyer and creating spaces that emotionally connect to the buyer. Some things, like finishing DIY projects will be higher on the list than others, some items the client is capable of doing and some will need a professional to help out. Now that we have our goals finalized we then make a plan that respects the client’s budget, skill level and proposed listing date. For me, this planning is one of the most important services I provide. I give my clients all the information they need to prepare their house for sale and they can choose to do the work themselves, have someone help them with the work or have me organize the work for them.
When I am doing a staging consultation for someone who is staying in their house (redesign) I use a different set of criteria. I create a client brief that tells me who my client is, for example; how many people live in the space, what functions does the space need to support, what is the condition of the space, what is the design style of the client, what does the client want to change and what colours does my client like to live with? Armed with this information, I then visit my client and look at the space we are discussing (is it a room or a whole house?) We will sit down and get to know each other a bit better and, if we can work productively together, we’ll make arrangements for a second meeting and I’ll forward a contract for the client to look over.
During our second meeting we will finalize the scope of the work, I will measure the space as well as the location of windows, doors electrical outlets and switches. Once the contract is signed and have received my deposit, I’ll head to the office and begin working on a floorplan, lighting plan and design board.
This year I have decided to become my own client and I will be redesigning my home office! Right now it has hand-me-down furniture, the walls and ceiling are painted in dark tones (from when the boys were teenagers), there isn’t enough storage and the room must function as a comfortable guest room for 2 weeks during the summer and winter as well as irregular weekend guests throughout the year.
Follow me as I change my forlorn office into a comfortable, creative office space.

My next post will be about the client brief (me), design scope, budget, timeline, floor plans and color.

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