Home Office Re-design Project

So, here is what the client brief and scope of work looks like for my home office client (ME) my client is capable of doing most of the work herself so the scope of the work is basically the planning; a floor plan, a colour scheme and a shopping list.
This is actually a pretty normal re-design project; most people just need help with the planning. Some clients aren’t capable of doing all the work themselves and will need me to recommend painters and tradespeople. Then there are those clients who have no interest in doing any of the work and just want to have a completely finished space to enjoy. I will do my best to adjust my services to meet the needs of pretty well any client and most budgets.

Access Home Staging
Re-design; client brief and scope of work
Client: me 
Requirements: client needs a home office that is easily organized with lots of storage for staging and redesign materials as well as sewing machines (two) and fabric storage. Room must also serve as a guest room for 2 weeks in the summer, 2 weeks in the winter and irregular weekends throughout the year.
Client wants to do the work herself and only needs a floor-plan, colour scheme and shopping/source list to work from.
Restrictions: flooring and antique bed must stay, would like to re-use wardrobe if possible.

Scope of work
Re-designer will;
• Work with client to create a floor-plan that meets the needs of the client.

Floor-plan will dorm_room_floorplanshow proposed layout and any new pieces of furniture
• Get client approval on the floor plan
• Create a colour scheme for the space that complements wood flooring and bedpaintswatch
• Get client approval on colour scheme
• Create a total budget estimate
• Provide client with paint colour numbers

This is one of three color pallets I really like
• Create a list of all furniture and lighting recommendations
• Source all items on list
• Provide all of the above no later than January 31, 2015
Client will;
• Keep all appointments with the re-designer
• Provide approval of all plans in a timely manner

Scope of work does not include:
• Cost of furniture and lighting
• Cost of paint, paint supplies and painters
• Cost of any trades needed to complete project (example; electricians)
• Cost of shopping for furniture, lighting and accessories
• The set-up and arrangement of furniture and lighting.

Costs ;
Floor-plan: $350.00
• On-site measuring and design consultation
• Up to three floorplans
Colour scheme $225.00
• consultation and mood board
• paint selection
Sourcing $300.00
• create a shopping list with local sources and pricing
• create a purchase priority

TOTAL $875.00
Discounts; colour consultation N/C -$125.00
On-line version mood board -$50.00
25% discount on sourcing services -$75.00

Total after discounts $625.00 + HST

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