home office floorplan

Home office floor plan

Stage two

Now that my guests have left, I was able to spend some time in the bedroom/office and measure the dimensions of space and the items that are remaining in the room. Once I had my measurements I was able to head to my favorite floor plan drawing tool www.floorplanner.com I love this tool as it is easy to use, has a good selection and IT”S FREE.

Here is what the first draft of the floor plan looks like

home office snipThe bed, wardrobe and small side table are all pieces that are already in the room. There are forced air vents in the floor on either side of the wardrobe (right in the corners) which is why I have left those two spaces clear. I am showing a floor-lamp tucked into the corner of the bookcases but I think I will change that to just a top shelf that is the same height as the bookcases – I have visions of dropping something down in the space and losing it forever! I will be adding locking castors to each unit so that they are easy to move about if I decide to change the layout some time in the future.

Each of the bookcase units is a simple BILLY bookcase from IKEA, I chose to use use these as they are inexpensive to purchase, easy to pick-up at the local Ottawa store (no delivery costs) and easy to put together. I also like the fact that the two shelves are adjustable which gives me the opportunity to customize the heights to suit my storage needs. I plan on using storage boxes to contain all the small items I use for sewing, samples of flooring and fabrics as well as family and client files.  Storage boxes come in so many sizes and materials now and I can mix and match to create my own look.

I’ll be off to check out some of my favorite fabric and bedding stores to see if I can find a duvet or duvet cover in one of my preferred color pallets this week. There is no point in choosing paint colors until I find the right fabrics; trying to pick wall color first is a mistake I see a lot of people making.

Now remember, this is a re-design project not a staging to sell project. If this were a staging to sell project the room would be designed differently; the bed would take center stage on the longest un-interupted wall, I would be creating symmetry in the room by placing a table on either side of the bed as well as a nice reading lamp on each table and I would create a comfortable area to read with a comfortable chair and either another small table or a floor lamp.

My next post will include my proposed shopping list, a photo of the bedding I have chosen as well as the desk and lighting I feel would be best suited for the space.

What are your design projects for 2015 going to be?

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