Office Re-design; finding the good stuff

Even though temperatures were well below zero here in Ottawa, I decided to go out shopping to find some inspiration for my office re-design. (one of the things I love about being a stager is that I actually get to go shopping, a lot)

The first thing I found was this pretty awesome bed-in-a-bag at Walmart. I love the colors and the mix of fabrics and since this room isn’t often used as a guest room, I’m not concerned about wash-ability.Room makeover 003Room makeover 002 The best part? On sale for 29.98!

After dancing my way to the car, I pulled out one of the pillow shams and headed to my favorite Fabricland and found these great fabrics to make a couple of pillows from. Once again, on sale so both pieces cam to under $15. On the way home I stopped into Giant Tiger and purchased a couple of unattractive pillows for $5 each – it was cheaper than buying pillow forms and they’ll work just fine.

Room makeover 001

I think my best deal of the day were the two wood pieces I plan on using as side tables by the bed. They are not the same but very similar in height and over-all size so once they’re painted they’ll look great.Room makeover 006 They were 19.99 and 24.99 at a local thrift store so The price was certainly right!

One more stop at a local consignment store netted me this great vase and a very cool lamp that I need to find a shade makeover2 001 room makeover2 002

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