The Fun Continues (my home office)

My home office project is beginning to come together! I quickly sewed up my pillows for the bed and one for my office chair and finalized my color pallet based upon the bedding I found. I also found a cute frilly pillow to add to my desk chair.

002 If you are interested in making your own simple envelope-style pillow covers you can find easy instructions here pillow tutorial

The color pallet I finally settled on are these muted tones from Sherwin Williams however, any premium paint company can match paint from a fabric sample you bring into them (how handy is that!).


I’m also pleased that I have solved the issue of needing a large, flat work surface for cutting fabric. Sewing is not the main function of the space but my client (me) does need a cutting surface and using a cutting board on top of the bed is just not a suitable option anymore. If you reference back to the floor plan you’ll see that I have a far amount of available wall space on either side of the wardrobe, my plan is to use a light-weight folding table and hand it on the wall, with the addition of a fun wall-decal, it will resemble an art piece and add another level of function to the space!

I’ve now got all the pieces of the puzzle and I’ll put everything together for my client (me) to approve. Stay tuned for the shopping list and sources that I’ll provide my client with so she is able to do the work at her own pace and within her budget.

What space in your home would you re-design so that it looks and functions better? I think my next space might be the family bathroom – it seems that it is always a disaster even with only two adults living in the space.

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