Home Office; the final bill

January 31, seems to be fast approaching so I thought I should finish up with my home office re-design. As you know, my client for this re-design was me and I wanted all the same details that I would give to any client; floor-plan, colour pallet, shopping list and costs. So, here we go;

This is the floor-plan for the home office/guest room, I’ve added side tables and wall-mount lamps.home office 2

Here is the colour pallet I decided upon based upon the bedding I already purchased.003

and the shopping list looks like this,


Once the proposed shopping list and cost estimates are approved, I can source all the items and provide an actual cost and location list that looks like this;purchase list Capture

I’ve also worked out a priority list as I know my client will not be purchasing everything all at once. She’ll need to purchase the bedding and pillow fabric first, then the bookcases 2 at a time, the desk and desk lamp as well fabric to recover her favorite office chair. She’ll also need to purchase the side-tables and repaint them – BONUS- one is actually an old wooden filing cabinet!

There are blinds on the windows so window treatments may be put off until later as can the bedside lamps, The ceiling fan will need to be installed before summer as the room can get pretty hot during the day. This re-design gives my client all the space she needs for her office/sewing room and guest room, lots of storage means all the small items can be stored in baskets or bins and files can be stored either in file-hangers on the shelves or in the filing cabinet. I think I’ll design a bulletin board area for keeping current projects and make it so that it can be closed when guests are using the space.

I’d love to know what re-design projects you plan on doing!



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