Home staging tips, Ottawa, Ontario/ Here are the TOP FIVE things that turn off potential buyers.

Selling your home this spring?
Here are the TOP FIVE things that turn off potential buyers.
When your property is cluttered buyers can’t see all the great features your home has and they immediately think that there isn’t enough space or storage. If your listing photos show cluttered rooms, chances are, potential buyers will just click through to the next listing photo, never giving your property a second glance.

Your listing photos look great and a potential buyer is coming to look at your property! Great news, but if they walk through the front door and are greeted by animal, smoking or strong cooking smells your chances of selling plummets. Smells are something you get used to and don’t notice anymore but your potential buyer certainly will, stay away from heavily scented air fresheners and opt for a deep clean of all soft furnishing and accessories.

When was the last time you up-dated your décor? I know, you’re all thinking “people are buying my house not my furniture, so why does it matter?” if you want your house to sell quickly and for the most money possible thEVERYTHING matters. People buy houses that they can see themselves living in and dated décor can stop them from making the emotional connection that will sell your house.
While you may love your midnight-blue family room and your hot-pink bathroom, most potential buyers won’t. Today’s buyer is looking for a move-in-ready property and the added cost and time it takes to re-paint a room may make your property less appealing. Remember, your property is competing with every other property that meets your potential buyer’s wish list; the goal is to make your property the easiest to move into. I always recommend neutral paint colours to my “staging to sell” clients. I create the WOW factor with accessories not wall colour.

is this the bedroom? Living room? maybe part of the kitchen?

is this the bedroom? Living room? maybe part of the kitchen?

If your property is a three bedroom home but you have set up one of the rooms as a home-office, buyers will remember your property as the two-bedroom with an office. If your property is vacant, people will have a hard time judging the size of the space and even the purpose the space. Always return spaces to their original purpose and make sure all the main rooms of the property have furniture in them; you can re-purpose excess furnishings from other rooms (most of us live with way too much furniture in a room), borrow furniture from friends or family or, rent furniture from a company that specializes in short-term rentals.



For most of us, our homes represent the largest single investment will ever make, investing a little more time and money prior to listing greatly increases the probability of your home selling quickly and for the most money possible. Have a question? EMAIL me and I’ll try to answer your question.

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