Every property can benefit from some degree of staging

Repeat after me, “Every property can benefit from some degree of staging.” It really doesn’t matter what the listing price is for a property, preparing it will help it sell faster and for the most money.Period.
Some of the things commonly recommended by professional stagers are;
• Clutter visually eats up space. Buyers need to be able to see the entire space and it is very hard to do when they are looking at collections, memorabilia, cluttered tables, packed bookcases, piles of magazines, lots of small appliances,…..you get the idea. Let the features of your property stand out not your personal stuff.

Clutter visually eats up space

Clutter visually eats up space






• You’re planning on moving right? So pack up the things you don’t use every day and then store them off-site. Examples are; seasonal clothing, decorations and sports equipment; dishes, small appliances and extra bedding that are used infrequently. While you’re doing this prepacking you’ll also be able to purge the things you know longer use or like. Potential buyers are looking for space and by prepacking you’re able to better show them how much space there really is. BONUS, by packing to movepre-packing what you don’t need, you’re way ahead when it comes time to actually move.
Lighten and brighten

• Today’s buyers are looking for clean, neutral spaces that have lots of natural light. Take down those heavy drapes, repaint the bubble-gum pink bathroom and definitely get rid of all the themed wallpaper and any wallpaper boarders. Every time a prospective buyer sees something they need to do they see $$$$ and IF they make an offer they will be looking for price considerations.
Clean, clean, clean

• Bathrooms need to sparkle, floors need to shine, scuff marks on the walls need to go and the dust needs to be eliminated. Clean the fridge, stove, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer; even if they are not included in the sale, their cleanliness will reflect on the entire
property.clean house

Call in the professionals
• Your professional stager can advise you on all aspects of décor prior to listing and they can help you create that “WOW” factor that buyers can’t resist. They can also prevent you from spending money unwisely. They want you to get the best return on your investment.
• A pre-sale home inspection ensures that there are no surprizes when it comes time to sell and potential buyers will feel more secure knowing that all issues have either been addressed or at least disclosed.
• A Realtor® knows all about selling properties. While I know there are now many for-sale-by-owner type services out there, I don’t sell my property often enough to feel comfortable with the process. I know, there is a lot of information out there on how to sell your own house but, when the time comes for me to sell my home, I want the whole process to be as stress-free as possible – I’ll go with a professional.

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