FAQ About Home Staging Why should I spend money on a house I'm leaving?

2. Why should I spend money on a house I’m leaving?

A lot of people wonder about the wisdom of spending money on a house that they hope to be leaving soon but before you completely dismiss this idea, I want you to take a good look around your house. Are there things that need to be fixed? Is the paint a little battered, does the cabinet door stick or maybe the house number is falling off the wall? How about the furniture? Most of us have far too much furniture in our homes and if you’re selling because you find your home too small; there’s a pretty good chance you’ve got too much of everything.
The people who come to view your listing are looking for the same things you are in your new home. People want clean, freshly painted spaces. They don’t want to deal with broken light fixtures, missing house numbers or unfinished DIY projects. People viewing your listing want the same things you want in your new home; the best they can get for the money they have to spend.
Make it easy for potential buyers to fall in love with your listing. Make it feel more spacious by clearing out all the excess furniture and décor items, freshen up the paint, complete those DIY projects and re-hang those house numbers!. Do whatever you can to make your listing the best value for the money and the most attractive in your price range, take away all the stumbling blocks a potential buyer may have so that your listing is the one they want to call home.
You’re really not spending money on your current home, you’re investing money in your current home so that it sells quickly and for the most money possible. The less time your property spends on the market the less it costs you in mortgage interest, utilities and upkeep. The less time your property spends on the market the sooner you can move onward towards your next goal.

Before and after photos, exterior

Look at what a small investment can do.

I love this  before/after photo. While there was really nothing wrong with the curb appeal before, just look at the difference a little investment can make!

The home-owners removed the aluminum screen door, painted their front door an eye-catching red and used a window decal to add some privacy. These home-owners added new fixtures but the same effect could be accomplished by using inexpensive candle lanterns hung from metal plant hooks. A mat outside the front door, some red pots planted with small evergreens and a cute little wreath hung in unusual place completes this amazing transformation for under $200.

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