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Home staging services, Ottawa, Ontario/ Can I stage my own home?

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 3. Can I stage my own home?

With the huge popularity of HGTV and DIY TV as well as the hundreds of magazines and books that are out there, there is no doubt in my mind that the average person can do most of what is required to prepare their home for sale. Personally, I love working with property owners that are willing to roll up their sleeves and get into the process of staging and I enjoy working with home sellers who understand what staging is and that the best way to sell their home quickly is to prepare it for the market. However, most people have a great deal of difficulty seeing their home the way a potential buyer does. After living in a home, it is normal to become somewhat “blind” to the small repairs, clutter and poor furniture layout that a set of “fresh” eyes can see.  This inability to notice the small things makes it one of difficulties the DIY stager faces.

The DIY home stager lacks  experience and that can result in expensive errors, for example, what updates will bring the highest return on investment and which updates will give you a very low return on investment.You must understand who the target buyer is so that you can create an environment   connects with that buyer on an emotional level. It is estimated that most people are first introduced to a property online so the visual merchandising of the home has never been more important and if you don’t have the experience to create that amazing online presence, potential buyers might just click to the next photo of the next house.

My recommendation for the DIY stager? Hire a professional stager to give you a staging consultation. Most professional stagers provide detailed consultations that include information on colour, furniture arrangement, creating flow throughout the space and of course, advise on the best places to spend money for the best ROI when you sell.  Ask to be given a written consultation so that you won’t have to try to remember everything they say and then complete as many of the recommendations as your time and budget will allow. A staging consultation will range in price from one area to the next but is a priceless map that guides you throughout the process if you want to DIY.

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