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What is home staging, Ottawa Ontario / how much does it cost?

Home staging is the act of preparing your home for sale.

How Much will it cost to stage my home?

In order to prepare your home for sale, you first need to determine what needs to be done which is why a professional staging consultation is always the first step. Here in the Ottawa area, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100- $350  for a consultation that and can take between 1 and 3 hours. There a several thing that will affect the cost of this initial visit including; the size of the property, whether it is a detached, single family home or an apartment-style condo. The consultation cost will also depend upon what type of report will be provided; will it be a “walk & talk” where you will do all the writing, or will you be given some type of written report?

Once the consultation has been completed you will then need to do the work your stager has recommended. Depending upon budget and time, your stager should have prioritized your to-do list and you will have the option to do all or part of the work yourself, get help from your own preferred tradespeople or, use the trades recommended by your stager. This step of the staging process can cost you as little as a fresh coat of paint or as much as an up-dated kitchen – it always depends on what your stager recommends and what recommendations you choose to do.

Once the work has been completed, your stager may come back to showcase your property so that it shows beautifully in photos and in person. If, during the initial consultation, your stager has recommended certain furniture and art placement then this is the time to do it. Your stager may also have suggested that certain items be borrowed or rented and may even have their own inventory available for rent. In the Ottawa area, the standard rental period is one month or any part thereof.

As you can see, the cost of staging your home is dependent on many factors, most of which, you control. I will tell you though, the cost of staging your home is always less than the first price reduction!

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