Access Home Staging bedroom up-date

Home staging, Ottawa, Ontario / Home Staging FAQ/ what if I hate everything my stager is recommending?

What if I hate everything my stager is recommending, I still have to live here until the property sells!

The majority of the time, I hear comments like “Wow”, “This looks great”, “I never would have thought of that!” I have even had a client change their mind about listing once they saw how great their home could look and function. Sometimes though, my client will hate everything I suggest or their Realtor will try to impose their own style preferences on their clients homes in fact, I once worked with a Realtor  who always wanted to use the original artwork of a friend even though it was very style and colour specific.

Staging a home to sell is both an art an a science. When you walk into a professionally staged room, what you see is the “art” of staging or how pretty, spacious or contemporary the room looks but what you don’t see is the “science” of staging. The science of staging includes understanding the demographic of the potential buyer and using elements within the property that will appeal to that buyer. The science of staging is how your stager has created spaces that “feel” right, flow beautifully, look spacious, function well and meet the needs of your potential buyer.

Staging is not decorating or interior design, both of which, create spaces designed for the current owner. Staging, while respecting the proven elements of great design and decor, creates spaces designed for the future owner. Your stager has made recommendations that will help your property appeal to its future owner and these recommendations may not appeal to you – but remember – if your property is priced well and effectively marketed (staging, photography,listing sheets, etc.) you won’t be living in your current home much longer!

Access Home Staging bedroom up-date

I found this before /after photo online and thought that it was a great visual. There is nothing wrong with the “before” photo but, if your target buyer is a young couple – the addition of some hits of colour and fun art would definitely be more appealing.

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