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Home staging tips Ottawa, Ontario/ To market, to market…..

To market, to market, to buy a new home.
Historically, Spring has been the busiest listing and sale period for a Realtor. If you’re looking for a new home, Spring will give you the largest selection of properties to choose from and if you’re selling your current home, your property will have a lot of competition.
January and February are great months to start preparing your home for listing and moving. Start to collect packing boxes and packing materials like paper, bubble wrap, coloured markers and tape. Plan on spending some time every day to go through a small section of your home and decide what items you want to bring with you to your new home and whether you will need these items in the next 6 months; the turkey platter, the “good dishes” and the holiday table-cloth are all examples of items you won’t be using in the next six months.
While you’re going through this process you’ll definitely find items that are broken or missing parts, clothes that no longer fit or items that you no longer want or need, set these items aside and toss, recycle or donate.
Check back at the end of the month for my next blog which will be “how to pack so you can find stuff”.  Want more helpful tips?



Stacie Chamberlin is an experienced, professional home stager and redesigner who lives near the picturesque village of Wakefield, Quebec. Her company, Access Home Staging, services Ottawa and its surrounding areas.

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