searching for a home staging services company, Ottawa, Ontario

Home Staging Services Companies, Ottawa, Ontario

Are you searching for a home staging company in Ottawa, Ontario? Access Home Staging of Ottawa serves the greater Ottawa area and is a proud member of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA). Access Home Staging is also a member of RESA Ottawa and owner, Stacie Chamberlin, has served as the Chapter president for three terms.
When you’re searching for a home staging services company it is important to know that not all companies are created equal. Home staging is still a relatively new profession and does require licensing by any organizational body. All of the training and professional memberships that a stager may have is completely voluntary. So, how can you be certain you’re getting a trained, professional stager? My first recommendation is to search the RESA webpage for a stager in your area, those stagers who have chosen to become members of this trade organization have proven that they take their profession seriously and have agreed to be held by high professional standards and a code of contact. Another thing to look for is what training the stager has taken, is the training provider based in Canada or another country? Is the staging company, or the individual stager committed to increasing their knowledge base through a variety of continuing education programs?
Prices for staging services will range from city to city, service areas within a city, the level of education the stager has, the experience of the stager and whether the staging services company has their own furniture rentals or uses a third-party rental system. Prices for services will also vary according to the specific target market the home staging service company is targeting; companies targeting the luxury home market may be priced higher than another company targeting entry-level homes.
There is no guarantee that using any home staging service company will sell your home but, statistics have proven that staged properties sell faster and for more money than  properties that have not been staged. The staging service company you chose to work with should be one that you feel some sort of connection with, are they friendly? Do they take the time to answer questions? Are they able to work with your timeline and budget? Selling your home is stressful so don’t increase your stress level by working with anyone you are completely comfortable with.
Good luck with your search for a great home staging company servicing the Ottawa area and if you have any questions, drop me a note at

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