Stacie Chamberlin,Cerified Staging Professional, Ottawa, Ontario

What is a home stager, Ottawa, Ontario

Home staging is commonly defined as the process of preparing a property, for sale or rent, so that it may sell /rent faster and for more money regardless of price or location. A home stager is someone who has been trained in the art and science of staging a home for sale.
The process of preparing a home for sale/rent begins with a consultation by a professional home stager. This first step determines the overall condition of a property and addresses the needs of each particular property. The stager may make recommendations such as de-cluttering, packing, neutralizing, updating and even repairs. Once the condition of a property has been addressed, the property may then be showcased.

Showcasing refers to the process used by professional stagers to highlight a property’s architectural features with furniture arrangement, art, accessories and light. Showcasing uses the target buyer demographic to create appealing spaces that allow the potential buyer to make an emotional connection with the space. They begin to imagine themselves living in a property; the kitchen will be easy to work in, they’ll be able to entertain in the living room, their child/friend/family will love the second bedroom, the yard is perfect for the children/dog or alfresco dining, etc.

Home staging is marketing. Professional stagers know about camera angles and create spaces that photograph well which results in beautiful listing photos. It is estimated that more than 95% of buyers are first introduced to a property online. Great looking listing photos will make the difference between a property being chosen to be on a buyer’s “must see” list or simply being clicked by. Professional stagers address curb appeal, making sure that a property makes a great first impression when potential buyers arrive at or drive by a listing. Professional stagers know how to create a welcoming entry and use colour tracking to lead a buyer from one space to the next. Professional stager creates spaces that are easy to move through making the flow of a property feel comfortable as a potential buyer make their way through a listing.

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