Staging by Access Home Staging, Ottawa, Ontario

Is your home dressed for success (sale)? Home staging, Ottawa, Ontario

Is Your Home Dressed For Success?

The last time you had the opportunity to meet someone important (new boss, future in-laws, etc.) did you spend some extra time getting dressed? Maybe paid extra attention to your hair or wear pants and shirt rather than the usual t-shirt and jeans?  Have you ever sold your car? Did you clean it inside and out, maybe touched up those scratches on the passenger door or replaced the floor mats?  Have you ever rushed around the house cleaning up because company was coming? Whether you knew it or not, you’ve been doing some marketing; making a great first impression.

This may make you chuckle but, selling your home is an awful lot like online dating!  You know your photo is going up against every other photo of people who fit a certain criteria and you know your photo only has a split second to make someone click and learn more about you, so it needs to be the best one you can find. It’s the same when you’re selling your home. The vast majority of people (up to 98% here in Canada) are first introduced to a property online.

Potential buyers will enter their search criteria, such as; their desired neighborhood, type of property, number of bedrooms and baths and price range. Once that is all entered, they will see a group of small listing photos that show them the best matches. These photos are REALLY small and if your property is part of the group of listings, that photo has to be outstanding. It’s your first chance of making a great first impression!

If a potential buyer finds your property listing interesting they may click-through to have a look at more of your listing photos and your property details. If your listing photos are poorly lighted, show over-stuffed rooms, empty rooms or taste-specific colours you have probably lost any interest the buyer may have had. Every potential buyer, whether they have $100,000 or $1,000,000 to spend, wants the best property they can find within their price range and your listing photos are your first ( and maybe only) opportunity to show them that your property should be on their “must see” list.

So what can you do? The longer we live in our homes the more likely it is that we become “blind” to its design and décor flaws, I have found that taking photos of rooms often helps home sellers “see” the clutter and outdated décor that they no longer notice. If you choose to do this, take a photo from each corner, into the room. What do you see; a messy desktop, unmade beds, over-crowded living room, a garage that you can’t fit a car in? These are all things that a potential buyer will notice immediately if they are looking at your listing photos. Organize that desktop, make the beds, remove some furniture from the living room, have a yard sale to get rid of all that stuff in the garage.

Consider hiring a professional home stager to come and give you a staging consultation. Home stagers are trained to look at your home through a “buyers eyes” they will be able to make suggestions to help you increase the chances of selling your property quickly and for the most money. Professional home stagers know what buyers are looking for and how to create buyer appeal. We can advise you on which areas of your home need attention and which improvements will bring you the highest return. Whether you want to do all the work yourself or you’d rather not, knowing what to do and prioritizing the to-do list is a fabulous investment.

Staging your property before listing is so much more than just making it pretty (although we certainly know how to do that), it’s about using proven marketing techniques to insure that your property appeals to your target buyer , that it encourages potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the property and leads them to feeling that YOUR property is the one they want to make an acceptable offer on.

Looking for some tips to help you start getting your home ready to sell? Check out DIY tips , budgeting and lighting tips

To book a consultation with Access Home Staging call 613-407-0858 today, we’re looking forward to helping you get your property SOLD!


before staging, Ottawa, Ontario

Access Home Staging Vacant Listing before staging
Ottawa, Ontario

Staging by Access Home Staging, Ottawa, Ontario

Access Home Staging, Ottawa, Ontario
After staging

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