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“What exactly happens during a staging consultation?” I recently had a new real estate salesperson ask me this question and realized that the process I take for granted is pretty foreign to someone who has never dealt with the staging industry before. When a professional stager from Access Home Staging does a staging consultation here is exactly what happens;

  • we make an appointment with the client
  • we arrive at the agreed upon time and introduce ourselves and ensure that the client understands that we are not there to judge their decor choices, their lifestyle or how they have chosen to use the spaces within the property
  • we then ask that the property owner give us a quick tour of the property (about 10 minutes or so) this is the perfect time to discover any updates that the client may have already completed or any concerns they may have
  • on our own, we will tour the property going from room to room, inside and out, looking for any issues that may concern a potential buyer. These issues may include things like; broken or dated fixtures, deferred maintenance issues ( that squeaky hinge that no longer bothers the home seller),  taste-specific paint colours, art or decor as well as spaces that appear smaller then they actually are due to over-stuffed furniture, over-crowded storage areas our just too much stuff.

After making note of all the issues we meet up with the client and review our findings. We take the time to explain the issues and how they might negatively affect the sale-ability of the property and together, we work out a plan of action based upon the client’s timeline and budget. The client is given their completely customized report which allows them to start on any room in the property and see what needs to be done. Sometimes the “to-do” list is pretty simple and easy to accomplish (pre-pack some of the contents from the kitchen cupboards) other items may take more time (replace the broken fixture at the side door).

Once the property has been prepared, Access Home Staging will return to showcase the property. We’ll showcase the property’s best features by hanging art at the correct height, arranging furniture to highlight focal points, create flow from one room to the next, use life-style selling techniques to help potential buyers connect on an emotional level and give the property owners helpful tips and checklists to make living in a staged home a little easier.

Home staging is a three-step process; the consultation is the first step, preparing the property is the second step and showcasing is the final step. These steps all work together to help ensure that a property has a competitive edge over the competition so that the home seller sells quickly and for the most money possible.Stacie Chamberlin,Cerified Staging Professional, Ottawa, Ontario


2 thoughts on “What happens at a staging consultation ? Access Home Staging of Ottawa

  1. Miriam says:

    Hello there, I’m interested in getting some Staging and would like to know how your service works:
    – how much time is a consult?
    – how much is a consult?
    – if I need some furniture how much are we looking at for a sofa?

    You can contact me by phone also


    • stacie chamberlin says:

      Hi Miriam, A written consultation takes about 2 hours for up to 1800 square feet and the cost for that same size is $225.
      Furniture rental costs are based on a thirty day contract (renewable) and the current cost for a three-seater sofa would be $90/month plus delivery and taxes. Hope this helps, feel free to contact me by text @ 613-407-0858.

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