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the internet has changed how we shop

Shopping online

The internet has forever changed how we shop. We now buy clothes, books, furniture, travel and more from online catalogues and we love it! We no longer need to get dressed, we can shop at a time that suits us, we can research products without  pushy sales people or driving from one end of the city to the other.

It is now believed that more than 90% of potential home buyers are being introduced to a property online. It’s just so easy; fill in your criteria (# of bedrooms and bathrooms, type of property, preferred neighborhood and price) hit search and there is a list, complete with thumbnail photos, of properties that suit your needs. Most people quickly scan the first listing photo of a property and if it appeals to them, they’ll click through to look at more property photos and check out the listing details. If your listing doesn’t capture their interest the second they see it, potential buyers won’t even click on to find more information. If your listing fails to keep the interest of a potential buyer through fabulous listing photos and well-written property descriptions, potential buyers will simply click away to view the next listing. Your listing has as much time as the blink of an eye, to impress a potential buyer!

Make sure your property has the best chance to make that critical, online, first impression by following some easy steps:

  1. Ensure that your rooms look clutter-free and welcoming in your listing photos and keep them that way for viewing.
  2. Bright purple walls may suit you perfectly but potential buyers are looking for move-in-ready properties – paint out those walls.
  3. If your property has 3 bedrooms and you are using one as an office/craft room/storage room, return it to a bedroom so that potential buyers remember that your property has 3 bedrooms, not, 2 bedrooms and an office
  4. Keep your property “white glove” clean. If this is a problem, hire someone to do a complete cleaning.
  5. Store excess furniture and belongings off-site. Potential buyers are buying space, make sure your property looks and feels spacious.


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