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Small Property Sales, Staging Tips. Ottawa, Ontario home staging

According to a recent survey done by Point2Homes , only a very small percentage of Canadian home buyers are interested in purchasing a studio or one-bedroom apartment. Nationwide, only 2% of potential buyers are looking for a one-bedroom (or smaller) home so, what does that mean if you are selling a studio or one-bedroom home? Here are some tips;

  1. You have a very small number of target buyers and you must have marketing photos show an attractive, clean, functional space.
  2. Pre-pack and store, off-site, all off-season clothes and rarely used kitchen items, the goal is to show perspective buyers that there is enough space for their belongings.
  3. Don’t list your property vacant. While you may believe that an empty space looks larger, empty spaces make it very difficult for prospective buyers to judge the size of a space and they need to know that they can fit a sofa, bed, table, TV, etc. in the space.
  4. While an empty space doesn’t help sell a property, either does an over-crowded space. Make sure your furnishings are the right scale and style for the space for the space. If they’re not, rent suitable pieces.
  5. Arrange your furnishing so that they highlight the property’s best features and focal points.
  6. The space must have enough lighting, it’s easy to forget the need for proper lighting in small spaces but light and shadow help create a sense of space.
  7. If your property includes a balcony, showcase it. Every space is important when selling so that means that any storage lockers included in the purchase look clean, organized and spacious as well.

All properties are easier to sell when they have been properly prepared for market and as a professional stager; my goal is to help ensure that your property sells quickly and for the most amount of money possible. I want your potential buyer to feel like they have just stepped into their new home and make an acceptable offer to purchase. Want to reduce the stress of selling and help eliminate the need for price reductions to appeal to buyers? Sure you do! Contact me and learn how I can help.

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