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Re-design in stages

The difference between home staging and re-design is really the client. When I stage a property, I create spaces that will appeal to a potential buyer. When I re-design a property, I work with the client to create spaces that suit their current tastes and lifestyle.

Re-design looks at your spaces, how you use them and how you want to use them. The re-design process clarifies what works, what doesn’t, how you want the space work and feel. Re-design clients aren’t usually working with tight time-lines making it fairly easy to divide the project into stages.

Typically, the first stage involves getting the basics right. We look at overall condition and determine if there are repairs that need to be done. We might need to update lighting, flooring and window treatments. If the property is a rental, are there restrictions that we need to be aware of? How do you see the space being used and what needs to happen to make the space function the way you want it to? Is there a colour scheme and is it working?

Once we know the basics, we can move on to the main items. We’ll determine/refine a colour scheme and create a floor-plan to determine the best furniture arrangement. We’ll assess lighting needs, furnishings and accessories.If additional furnishings are needed we’ll create a detailed shopping list stating overall sizes, colour and style. This stage may take days, weeks or months depending upon the amount of work that needs to be done, whether the home owners want to do the work or have it done for them and of course,the budget.

Once the basics and the main design elements have been determined and any work completed, we can move on to adding  pops of colour and texture to the space to give it personality. I love giving clients decor alternatives so that they can change the look of their space with different accessories, window treatments, area rugs and art. I create one decor package that include a mood board, decor elements and easy, on-line sourcing and clients may choose additional seasonal decor packages from my website.Clients are thrilled that they are able to up-date their basic designs easily, quickly and cost effectively.





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