30 Days to Listing:a work-chart| HOME STAGING,Ottawa, Ontario

As a real estate staging professional working in Ottawa, Ontario, I continually create work-charts to help my clients get ready to list. Selling a property is stressful, having a plan is like getting a road-map; know where you’re going and how you plan to get there.

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30 days before listing work chart




1 Collect moving supplies. For packing tips, read my blog titled Packing Tips from February 01/16





Begin the process of deep cleaning every room in the house. Allow one day for each room but give yourself a full two days for the kitchen and an entire weekend for unfinished basements, garages or storage areas. Follow this process:

·        If the space has a closet or shelves, remove contents before beginning the cleaning process

·        Remove all cobwebs starting with the ceiling and working your way down

·        Wash all walls, baseboards, trim and windows

·        Repair any holes

·        Repaint if needed (out-dated colour, worn or chipped paint, etc.)Your stager will help you determine which colours work best with your permanent surfaces.

·        Before returning items to closet or shelves; pre-pack any seasonal items and family photos. Purge remaining items with the “sell, donate, give, toss” method which will leave you with only the items you truly love, need or use regularly.

·        Pre-pack items that you do not use regularly. Good examples of these items are things like the “good” dishes, the extra crockpots you use once or twice a year, the extra-large turkey roaster, etc.

·        Ensure all fixtures are in good working order and have the highest wattage recommended. If possible, replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs.


2 Find an area that you can use to store all the boxes you have pre-packed. Off-site storage is preferred; try family and friends or a storage facility.


3 Room-of-the-day is the entryway


Call your stager to book an appointment in 10-12 days or, after the cleaning of the main rooms.


4 Living room. If possible, remove heavy drapes and replace with light-weight sheers.


5 Dining room. Once again, remove all heavy drapes.


6 Powder room.


Take tomorrow off, you’ve worked hard.


7 Relax
8 Kitchen. Take a deep breath, this may take a while.


9 Continue with the kitchen


10 Family bathroom.


12 Bedroom 3


13 Master bedroom and bath


14 Relax; it’s been a long week.

Use some time today to gather up the information about your property, tax records, building permits, deed, appliance warranties, etc.

15 Stager appointment. Your stager will point out any condition issues you may not have noticed, help choose a paint colour (and usually, give you access to preferred pricing) make recommendations for curb appeal, determine which items of furniture need to be moved and make an appointment for the showcasing date (if that is the option you have requested).


16 Use today to organize the items you may require to complete the recommendations made by your stager (paint, off-site storage of excess furniture, etc.)


17,18,19, 20 Use these days to finish cleaning any remaining bedrooms, bathrooms or family room


21,22, 23,24 Use these days to complete any recommendations made by your stager.


25 Relax. You’ve accomplished a lot.

Contact your real estate agent to make an appointment.

26 Tackle the storage areas today. Safely dispose of leftover cleaning supplies, paints, etc.


27 Continue working on the storage areas.


28 If you have contracted to have your stager showcase your property, today may be the day that happens.


29 Do a final check through of the property both inside and out.


30 You’ve done it! You are ready for to have some fabulous listing photos taken. Continue following your stager’s cleaning and quick showing tips.

Good luck!

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