Home Staging Myth #1

Are you convinced that home staging is too expensive? Do you think home staging is only for high-priced homes? Or maybe,you believe that a home stager will come into your home, tell you to get rid of everything and then tell you to rent a lot of modern furniture at a high monthly cost? If any of these thought have crossed your mind,you’re not alone.

A client of mine, let’s call him JR, recently told me that, “…One of my biggest fears initially was that we would be told to spend an exorbitant amount on new furniture, however Stacie’s focus on making the best use of what we already had was very re-assuring.” Let’s be completely honest here, JR did have to invest some sweat equity preparing his house for sale and he did have to purchase a few gallons of paint BUT, his total investment in the consultation and doing the required work was under $1,000. JR had really good feedback during showings and the house sold, allowing him to move his family to their dream home.
Should you invest money in home staging if you’re selling your starter home and it’s been evaluated at under $250,000? Well, do you want your property to sell quickly? Do you want your property to really stand out against the competition? Do you want to get the best price possible and not have multiple price reductions? Did you answer “yes” to any of the question?

It is my firm belief that every single property can benefit from some degree of staging. It really doesn’t matter what price range your property falls into; someone will be interested. What you want is to sell quickly; sitting on the market costs you mortgage payments, insurance, taxes and operating costs like heat/cooling and electricity. Any minor repairs or updates suggested will prevent buyers from chipping away at your asking price meaning your far more likely to receive an acceptable offer.

Investing in a home staging consultation is one of the best short term investment you can make. It offers you great ROI.

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