What’s Your Christmas Style? Vintage

Vintage style typically makes use of antiques, old St. Nicks and muted colours although, I’m seeing a lot of vintage elements added to the previously described styles and  something that can best be described as shabby chic.

The two examples above show vintage ornaments but the use of the pale pinks and off-white create a very shabby-chic look.

vintage3 Here, a beautiful white Christmas style takes on a vintage flair with the addition of the beautiful sled and the feather tree.

The photo on the left shows a collection of vintage nutcrackers on vintage suitcases while the photo on the right shows a vintage St.Nick on an antique dresser with a vintage suitcase and mirror completing the look.

Could this be your holiday style? In my next post I’ll explain how our new seasonal decor service can help you define your style and create a seasonal look that truly reflects your what your current holiday style.


Photos. Shabby-chic, romancingthehomeltd.blogspot.com, Pinterest save by Marie Sullivan. Vintage white example by Barbara Maule, nutcrackers; oliverandrust.com, st.nick; thefancyshack.blogspot.com


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