Colour Consult for Selling

Colour can be a scary thing! Recognizing the undertones in a colour may come naturally to some people but most of us are very uncertain in fact, a very large portion of paint sales are a direct result of incorrect colour choices.

If you are selling your home, we typically recommend that you stay with a fairly neutral colour scheme, why? Today’s buyer is looking for move-in ready homes and they definitely don’t want to have to re-paint before they move in. You would think that if you paint everything white, beige or grey that you’d be safe but that isn’t always the case. A completely white house can be boring and the white that is in the kitchen may be yellow-white while the white in a north facing bedroom may show up as a blue-white. The same will be true for beiges and greys, the amount of light and the light source will affect how the same colour will look in different areas of the home.

Here at Access Home Staging, we are thrilled to be able to offer you the professional services of Joyce Crawford, Certified Colour Expert. Joyce can often be found helping out at one of our showcasing jobs and is always our Colour Consult professional.