Stacie Chamberlin

Stacie Chamberlin is the owner of Access Home Staging. Her education includes both formal and self-directed learning the result of which, is a rather eclectic learning path that has included courses on interior design, home staging, small business management, art and design history and  creative arts . Stacie loves sharing her knowledge and has experience teaching both youth and adults. It is this love of teaching that makes her so successful in coaching her staging and redesign clients.

Stacie and her husband bought their first home at the age of 20 and 23 respectively and worked for almost two years on renovating the property and then tripled their investment when they sold it. They built their current home in 1986. Stacie uses all the skills and knowledge she learned during this building process, her formal and self-directed learning to build a very strong knowledge base for her home staging and redesign company.